Room-Converter Plus frequency technology

There has been life on earth for more than 5 billion years. The heart is a symbol of life – in its rhythm, the blood pulsates in our veins and supplies our body. Triggered by the first pulse, it begins to strike in a continuous vibration. A frequency is created.


Sends 6 frequencies
The Room-Converter Plus emits certain frequencies (see below for a detailed description) that resonate with the human energy field and certain physical processes.

E-smog harmonisation
Through specially developed information codes, the body's own bio-resistance can be strengthened so that it is able to withstand the influences of electrosmog.

Strengthening bio-resistance
i-like technology is based on providing the organism with specific information codes and frequencies in order to strengthen the body's own bio-resistance.

Activates information codes
In addition, you have the option of activating additional information codes using sinus Converter cards, adapted individually to suit your needs.


For over 30 years, the research team at i-like Metaphysik has been researching the problem of non-thermal electrosmog, as well as many other frequencies in addition to magnetic field deficiency syndrome. The i-like technology focuses on prevention. In every cell, all the information is stored in order to be and remain healthy. This is where i-like technology comes in.

Discover i-like's frequency technology.





Frequencies of life


Frequency is a term which is used in physics as a unit of measurement. It indicates how quickly repetitions follow one another in a process, e.g. in the case of continuous vibration. The unit of frequency is given in hertz (Hz). Frequencies are created by vibration. This effect is fundamental in electronics. In order for antennas to emit frequencies, they are first made to oscillate. Another system can pick up these frequencies through antennas and thereby interpret them. The human body also communicates via frequencies. Some are considered beneficial to the body, such as the 8 hertz frequency of the earth. Other frequencies should be viewed more critically, such as electrosmog.




The Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) Switzerland says:

Health effects of high-frequency radiation

"Various studies point to biological effects that are triggered by radiation with an intensity well below international limits. ... Again and again, oxidative stress and/or impaired repair of DNA damage are found in cell experiments as a result of exposure. That there are non-thermal effects is therefore undisputed."

Source: FOEN, Health effects of high-frequency radiation (24 October 2023)


Room-Converter Plus

Experience wellness technology with the Room Converter Plus

The world of frequencies
Six frequencies are emitted with the Room-Converter Plus. These resonate with the human energy field and certain physical processes and can therefore have a positive effect on the general well-being. In addition, you have the option of activating additional information codes using sinus Converter cards. The programming of the information codes takes place using so-called sinus Converters.

Vitalisation of electrosmog
Each Room-Converter Plus comes with a sinus Converter e-smog. Through specially developed information codes and the use of modern quantum physics (scalars), a resonance field is created to promote the body's own bio-resistance. In this way, we create a feel-good atmosphere for the body so that it is able to withstand the ever-more-powerful influences of electrosmog.





What is the direct benefit?

With the frequency technology of the i-like Room-Converter Plus, a positive resonance field is created thanks to the different frequencies that are emitted.

This can have many positive effects. Here you will find a few of them:

  • Possible strengthening of the body's own bio-resistance (electrosmog vitalisation, etc.).
  • Possible cell charging thanks to the 8 hertz frequency (the pulse of the earth).
  • The 8 Hertz frequency can have a positive influence on the alpha brain waves.
  • Creativity, focus and the ability to learn can be promoted.
  • Revitalisation and balance can arise.
  • Well-being and a positive mood can arise.






The six frequencies are:

8 Hz frequency
8 Hz is the earth frequency and is considered ideal for charging the cells. In addition, the frequency is connected to alpha waves and can therefore have a positive effect on the alpha ranges.

10.5 Hz frequency
10.5 Hz is often associated with creativity, focus and the ability to learn. This frequency is intended to help stimulate the mind and promote a positive mental mood.

285 Hz frequency
285 Hz is intended to help harmonise and revitalise the body in a natural way. This frequency is associated with the activation of cell regeneration and physical well-being.


432 Hz frequency
432 Hz is associated with balance, relaxation and musical harmony. It is used as an alternative tuning for musical instruments and to create a deeper connection with nature.

528 Hz frequency
528 Hz is also referred to as the "love frequency". It can strengthen relationships, offer positive changes and should be perceived as calming and uplifting.

741 Hz frequency
741 Hz is associated with stimulation of intuition, expression of emotion and a clear mind. It should help to detach from negative energies and have a strengthening effect on the mind.





Where is the Room Converter Plus used?

The use of the Room Converter Plus is certainly desirable wherever people spend more than an hour. Provide your family, your employees, your customers, your patients, and your visitors with a feel-good atmosphere!

  • in your own home
  • Commercial and industrial facilities of all kinds
  • Office services (office, banks, accounting etc.)
  • Hotels and spas
  • Gastronomy and restaurants
  • Fitness centres and sports facilities
  • Medical institutions, practices
  • Shops incl. check-outs
  • Post offices, stations, and other places with counters
  • Car dealerships, shops
  • Universities, schools, kindergartens, etc.
  • Kennels and stables, and many more



Information codes with sinus Converters

The programming of the information codes takes place using so-called sinus Converters, which are equipped with 24-carat gold. By transmitting different frequencies through the Room-Converter Plus, these information codes are made accessible to the cells (more precisely, to cell receptors) as receivers. You have the option of inserting up to six sinus Converter cards into a Room-Converter Plus and thus activating them. From sleep to concentration issues, sinus Converter cards can be used in many different ways.

Application: Insert the sinus Converter into the opening provided. In this way, the programmed information codes are emitted throughout the area of effect of the Room-Converter Plus.





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